I choose to work with photography because of the amount of control it provides. I can fabricate entire worlds, put on performances for my camera and choose as much or as little of it as I want to show the viewer. I keep a lot of secrets. I reveal only what I want to.   

My process is rich with craft and compulsions. I make hundreds of glittering cupcakes, sort buttons into color-coded jars, keep birds in my freezer for years until the right moment to use them, spend days covered in sticky glue mixtures to make the perfect lanterns for an image I’ve envisioned taking place by the sea. Ultimately, the work is fed by craft, compulsions and most of all, by my everyday experiences.

2010 Awards                            Jenn and Sky Family/Pet


Pretzel Rolls Food                               Bevevino Wedding


2010 Shows                             Stella Lighting Professional